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The Dry Cleaners La California business began in 1924, is a 3rd generation dry cleaner.
This means that you get decades of experience in caring for your clothes … the experience that will prove something we’re told every day – “You do good work”. And we do!


Dry Cleaners La Pick Up and Delivery Services

Dry Cleaners La goal is to provide the busy families and professionals of greater West La with an efficient, affordable alternative to that ever-dreaded trip to the dry cleaners.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality dry cleaning while enabling every client to save valuable time during their busy, busy day with Guarantees your personal satisfaction.

Dry Cleaners LaDry Cleaners Los Angeles of Perfect Cleaners have full services in West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Beverlywood, Century City, Cheviot Hills, West Hollywood and The Grove areas.

We offer twice-a-week Pick Up and Delivery Service (monthly minimums may apply).

We’re going beyond green – say goodbye to hazardous dry cleaning chemicals, say hello to GreenEarth®. Cleaner air, cleaner water, and cleaner soil!
No petrochemicals, no worrying about smog or greenhouse gases, and no more contamination. Our solvent is non-toxic – nothing to contaminate our water.

Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of organic dry cleaners? Contact your local delivery laundry service. The professionals at Perfect Cleaners and Laundry are committed to providing quality care for your fabrics and convenience for you.
Our staff uses all-organic, non-toxic, hydrocarbon solvents for our dry cleaning, and pick-up and delivery are free!

Dry cleaning basics

Dry cleaning is often used on garments made of wool, silk and synthetic materials due to these fabrics’ ability to degrade or fade in water. The liquid solvents used during the dry cleaning process help preserve these garments. Additionally, some garments are too delicate to go through a traditional tumble wash-and-dry cycle and are better off being gently cleaned by dry cleaners in West La California.

A liquid solvent is used to lift stains and soils from garments. The most common liquid solvent used by dry cleaning services today is perchloroethylene, or “perc.” However, some dry cleaners use organic, non-toxic solvents instead of perc because it can be dangerous to handle.

The dry cleaning process

When you initially drop your clothing off, each garment will be tagged with an identification number by either stapling or pinning it on. This ID number ensures each customer will receive their proper clothing items after cleaning.

After the items are tagged, the dry cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ will inspect each garment to check that no items were left in pockets; if they find anything, the items left behind will be returned to the customer. They will also check for any signs of damage such as tears or missing buttons and will log them before the cleaning process begins.

How Long The Dry Cleaners La in Business?



Perfect for 3 generations!
The family dry cleaning business in Los Angeles CA began in 1924.

Dave the owner of Perfect Cleaners in LA has the experience to know what customers want and how to give it to them perfectly.
He even went to dry cleaning school at the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute.

We know what we’re doing! Dry cleaning is what Dave and Perfect Cleaners do best!


Dry Cleaners Los Angeles of Perfect Cleaners takes great pride in using the most modern equipment to give you the best-pressed shirt in town.
We inspect for missing buttons and make sure you get that hand-finished quality you deserve.
After the desired cleaning process is performed, all garments are pressed and hand-finished.
When you hire a dry cleaner to care for your favorite garments, you’re trusting them with a significant part of your life.
Dry Cleaners La takes your trust very seriously. Your garments will be ready to wear on time. That’s our pledge.

Dry Cleaners La offers
Two main dry cleaning options for your clothes:

The highest quality dry cleaning service by paying special attention to each garment.
Our professional staff will carefully clean your fine cloths and fabrics.

Dry Cleaners La provide premium dry cleaning services without using toxic chemical solvents that dry cleaners use.
As the nationally recognized leader in professional wet-cleaning technology, our mission is to provide the highest quality garment care using methods and materials that are healthy for our customers, our workers, and the environment.
Your clothes come back cleaner, fresher and more comfortable than traditional dry cleaned clothes.



Dry Cleaners La

Dry Cleaners La

Dry Cleaners La




Perfect Cleaners services West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Beverlywood, Century City, Cheviot Hills, West Hollywood and The Grove areas.

We offer twice-a-week Pick Up and Delivery Service (monthly minimums may apply).

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Dry Cleaners West La


Perfect Cleaners in LA

10531 W. Pico
Los Angeles, CA 90064
United States
Phone: 310-470-0330
Email: customerservice@perfectcleaners.com







King Naomi
King Naomi
18:10 17 Mar 20
Came here right after I moved. Pricing was competitive with other shops in the area. I dropped off at their location. They delivered to my apartment complex without issue. The owner is pleasant and knowledgeable. Cleaning was what I expected, no complaints.read more
Hansen Jordan
Hansen Jordan
12:41 17 Mar 20
I am so impressed with the customer service I received at Perfect Cleaners! They were recommended to me by a neighbor and it's such a relief to find a quality cleaner who operates their own facility.read more
Elora Justice
Elora Justice
12:59 03 Mar 20
My family has been cleaning our gowns here for years. The staff is incredible and our clothes cone out even better then when we bought it. Highly recommend especially if you need to have dresses cleanedread more
Jaclyn Benson
Jaclyn Benson
17:57 27 Feb 20
I have been using Perfect Cleaners for the past 2 years and have had nothing but great experiences! Thank you cleaning crew for always having my clothes clean and ready on time! And thank you Raya and Esmeralda are always having smiles on when we walk in the door. My two and a half year old daughter was always excited to go to the dry cleaner to see you both!!! We are moving and will miss this company... the next cleaner we use will have some big shoes to fill!!!read more
Suzanne Ward
Suzanne Ward
11:38 13 Feb 20
These guys are the best! They have the best prices, are personable, take great care of my clothes (mostly blazers for work) some of which are quite old.read more
Elizabeth Warber
Elizabeth Warber
20:25 25 Jan 20
Perfect cleaners is excellent. They have performed minor miracles on several pieces of my clothing. The service is superior. Esmerelda is amazing. She gives excellent customer service. I had a couple pieces of clothing with OLD stains and they did a great job removing them, especially taking the age of the stain in consideration, Esmerelda insisted on going back one more time to see if they could get it to look even better. I trust them with all my expensive designer brands. They made my 16 year old Moncler coat look brand new again!read more
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
15:02 21 Dec 19
When I moved to LA, I was warned about picking the right dry cleaner. A few of my friends recommended Perfect Cleaners and I can see why. They are friendly, quick and don't charge a huge amount. They do a great job and have not lost any of my items.read more
Linda Vanoff
Linda Vanoff
19:19 17 Dec 19
I love Perfect Cleaners! I have been coming here for over 10 years both locations are wonderful the staff couldn't be nicer and my clothes come back looking great! Plus they have free shipping and they are environmentally safe no chemical smell on your clothes. Perfect Cleaners really takes pride in their work guaranteed good here!read more
Donna Corwin
Donna Corwin
17:38 01 Dec 19
The nicest people! Best cleaners! Highly recommend !!
Erin Armentrout
Erin Armentrout
16:34 09 Oct 19
Staff is very friendly. Service is fast. They do good work.
Maddie Pellico
Maddie Pellico
16:35 26 Sep 19
I had a vintage dress that needed cleaning after a wedding. They could not have been friendly and the dress was cleaned to perfection! They really live up to their name.read more
Lauren Langbord
Lauren Langbord
18:35 21 Sep 19
Pricey but perfect care of my garments. I don’t really trust others with certain items. The staff is also unbelievably nice and they know you by name. *I will note that there was an incident where a pair of jeans was accidentally damaged but they repaired them and gave me an ample dry cleaning credit. I was satisfied and continue to use their services.read more
Antoine Bryan
Antoine Bryan
17:58 23 Aug 19
Great customer service, but I wasn’t impressed with the outcome. Oxford shirts were wrinkled at the sleeves. It was an Ok job and expectedly overpricedread more
Linda Vanoff
Linda Vanoff
16:36 03 Aug 19
I have been a customer of Perfect Cleaners for almost 15 years and they are by far one of the best cleaners in the city. My clothes always come back odor-free and perfectly pressed and if there's ever an issue, which is rare, they correct it and stand behind their work. The customer service is impeccable always friendly and ready to take care of any of your special requests. Highly recommend!read more
Theo Salter
Theo Salter
19:52 15 Apr 19
I was very impressed with the customer service and care they gave my white linen jacket. The representative at the desk answered all my questions and couldn't have been nicer. I will most certainly be using them going forward. Very affordable prices for the quality of service.read more
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