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Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048 has been providing excellent dry cleaning services for 3 generations. We strive to provide our services on time with the assistance of our certified dry cleaner. Your garments will be ready to wear on time.

The Best Dry Cleaners 90048
We’re a Full-Service Dry Cleaner!


Perfect Cleaners is a full-service Dry Cleaners 90048 in California for all your clothing care needs … from Shirts to Wedding Gowns, From Shoes to Tailoring – we do it all! And we do all our work on premises – with prior arrangement, we’ll even take you on a tour, and explain just how (and why) dry cleaning works …

  • Shirt Service
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Detailed Pressing
  • Fine Tablecloths
  • Shoe Repair
  • Suede & Leather
  • Curtains & Drapes
  • Wedding Gown Preservation
  • Formal Gown Specialists
  • Expert Tailoring and Alterations
  • Replace Missing Buttons, Repair Torn Pockets

Environmentally Safer Dry Cleaning – Odor Free!

We’re going beyond ‘Green’ – say goodbye to hazardous dry cleaning chemicals, say hello to GreenEarth™ and cleaner air, water and soil! No petrochemicals, no worry about smog or greenhouse gases, no more contamination. Our solvent is non-toxic – nothing to contaminate our water …!

What are The Best Offers from Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048?

Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048 offers two dry cleaning options for your clothes:
1- Regular Care for your everyday casual garments and for your special couture garments.
Whiter whites. Brighter colors.


These are what you get when you trust your dress shirts to Perfect Cleaners California.

Your shirts will be perfectly washed, pressed, and ready to wear on time.
Tell us how you like your shirts folded and we’ll make sure it happens.

Same Day Service in Dry Cleaning Beverly Hills

In Perfect Cleaners, We offer convenient same day service at all of our Perfect Cleaners locations if brought in by 9 am.
Drop off your clothes in the morning and pick them up before we close the same day.
By 9 am, ready by 5 pm Monday through Saturday!

Bring your clothes to our experienced team and get everything cleaned at an affordable price. From sweaters to slacks, we’ll dry clean everything you need and get it looking and smelling new again.

Visit us today!
Best dry cleaning delivery Los Angeles

Our Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048 services include:

Dress shirts
Casual shirts
Wedding Dresses
Suede & Leather

Dry Cleaners 90048

Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048 and Laundering Services for all attire

Visit our store today and get your clothes dry cleaned in a matter of hours!
Our professionals will make the entire stress-freely and stress-free!

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The Perfect Laundry Service in 90048

Delivery 90048 Ca

Come in today and receive $25 off your wedding package! This wedding package includes a cleaned and preserved box to keep your amazing dress beautiful.

Wedding Gown Preservation Cleaning in 90048

Perfect Cleaners uses the “Organic Cleaning” Method to clean and preserve your cherished gowns. Your gown is individually hand processed and assigned to an individual craftsman to be monitored throughout the cleaning and preservation process. The gown is inspected for “visible” stains, missing beading and buttons, and any torn fabrics are noted before we proceed. Then the gown is re-inspected using a special black light process from top to bottom noting any “invisible” stains such as sugar deposits from alcohol or wedding cake. This delicate yet thorough cleaning process maintains the luster and sheen of these delicate fabrics far better and leaves no odor to the gowns. After each gown is cleaned, hand finishing follows with extreme care taken to follow the designer’s line and drape.

The Final Preservation of Your Gown

Now that the gown has been properly cleaned, dried, and passes our final inspection, the preservation box is prepared. This Museum quality archival box is lined with acid-free, lignin-free, non-yellowing buffered tissue. A 100% virgin cotton liner is then placed inside the box and over the tissue. The gown is then placed in the box and folded to accommodate the box size and cradled inside this 100% virgin cotton liner. As the gown is folded, acid-free tissue is placed within the folds, bust area, and surrounding the gown on its sides to support and secure it. The cotton cover is then folded over the gown, additional tissue is placed over the cotton cover and the box is then sealed with its outer cover. Finally, a 100% cotton custom-fitted outer cover is then placed over the entire preservation box for additional protection.

Special 100% cotton gloves and Care Instructions are provided for future handling and inspection of your gown.

The Perfect Tailor

When your clothes fit right, they look great!” At Perfect Cleaners, all your custom tailoring, alterations, and minor repairs are done on the premises. Perfect’s experienced tailors take great pride in their work to ensure that you and your clothes have that “Perfect Fit.”

Perfect Cleaners services West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, Beverlywood, Century City, Cheviot Hills, West Hollywood and The Grove areas.
Trust our team to clean your shirts properly and have them ready for you in a matter of hours!

Call: (310) 470-0330 today or stop by our store!

Email: customerservice@perfectcleaners.com

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The highest quality dry cleaning service by paying special attention to each garment.
Our professional staff will carefully clean your fine cloths and fabrics.




Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048

Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048

Delivery Dry Cleaners 90048


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